In the middle of Sunday night March 20 –into– Monday morning March 21, 2022, #TruistRacist put up fences around our Adams Morgan Plaza.

In DCist’s blog piece, Truist representatives admit that while they understand the Court case is pending, it is alleged “criminal activity” at the Plaza that serves as basis for fencing the open public space now.


Plaza supporters had an emergency gathering the night the plaza was prematurely and unfairly stolen from the community.

Plaza Neighbors Belongings Still Unrecoverable and Folks Still Unhoused

Our unhoused Plaza neighbors had their tents and belongings stolen from them by Truist thugs the morning of February 26, 2022. Their belongings are still unrecovered. Councilmember Brianne Nadeau alleges that these belongings are safely secured by Truist in response to our open letter.

In her letter response and tweets, Councilmember Nadeau persists in statements that all Plaza neighbors are in safe housing and no longer on the streets.


In the videos and interviews above, you can hear that Plaza residents are still not housed and still have not gotten their belongings back. But Truist has their stuff and stole their dignity and our plaza. All others making statements about this are covering up the harm.

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