Just before the holiday break, the DC Court of Appeals sided with Plaza supporters and now our case goes back to DC Superior Court for a trial. See the written decision here.

Finally, a jury of our peers may formalize the easement that has existed and been used openly by the public at the plaza at 18th and Columbia Road, NW, for nearly 50 years.

The media blasted out the news right away:

  • “D.C. Appeals Court Revives Fight Over Proposed Condo Building On Adams Morgan Plaza” — DCist
  • “A battle over an Adams Morgan plaza gains new life with court ruling” — Washington Post

“Until the property’s owner, Truist bank, fenced it off in March, the plaza for decades had functioned as a convenient, if not universally appreciated, town square that featured a Saturday morning farmers market. During the pandemic, it became a gathering place for vagrants, some of whom pitched tents.” — Adams Morgan’s very own Washington Post Reporter, Paul Scwhartzman

Suntrust (now Truist) will not give up and will battle us for our plaza until the bitter end, but we are so very close.

We need your last bit of help to win our Plaza for good!

To win this campaign, we need to win the trial. Thus, we need to raise $25,000 to properly prosecute the case. Every $5, $25, $250, $1000 will go directly to trial costs to win the plaza forever.

Please make a donation today and ask your friends, family, and neighbors to do the same. Click here.

One thought on “Congratulations! The Appeal is Victorious

  1. This is amazing! YESSSSSSSSSSS !
    Also not cool that an AdMo resident is calling the unhoused ‘vagrants’. They have names: Miguel, Larry, Shaun, and Gasim.


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