About Twenty Ward One Neighbors Ask Nadeau to Intervene Against Truist Bank “Stealing” the Plaza and Unhoused Residents Belongings

Ward One, Washington, D.C. — On Thursday, March 3, 2022, just two weeks before a DC Court of Appeals hearing regarding the future of the Adams Morgan Plaza, voting residents of Ward One sent an emergency open letter to their Councilmember asking her to intervene and stop Truist Bank from fencing in the longstanding open Plaza (since 1977) at 18th and Columbia Road (formerly Suntrust Plaza and former home of the Knickerbocker Theatre).

Residents also ask Nadeau to step up during this budget season and find the monies (approx $10M) needed “to acquire the rights to redevelop the site with a public-interest focus that keeps the Plaza open and available for our continued community-use.”

And, Ward One residents have requested help for the unhoused neighbors who have been harassed off the Plaza to be able to get faster access to housing vouchers as well as to their belongings which were taken from them by Truist-hired security guards on Saturday, February 26, 2022.

Adams Morgan Plaza

The open emergency letter
was sent to the Council Committee on Human Services for the public record, to the Adams Morgan listserv, as well as to Brianne Nadeau directly. Residents await a genuine urgent response from Councilmember Nadeau as they evaluate this election season.


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