On Wednesday September 22, and Friday September 24, 2021, #TruistDontCare bank officials arrived at the Adams Morgan Plaza in the early morning hours, long before any work activities are supposed to begin in DC, let alone un-permitted work activities, and tried to fence in the community corner at 18th and Columbia Road NW. Plaza supporters repelled them each time.

Each time Truist bank officials showed up in the wee hours of the morning with their paid henchmen and workforce they were repelled by Plaza supporters and eventually by DCRA inspectors because the banksters were waiving around old revoked permits and lying about it.

The Truist bigwigs also forced low-paid workers to trash our community corner with each of their insurrections at 18th and Columbia Road. They tore down tents, ripped art off the walls, threw stuff around, and displaced people living there. People were threatened with arrest and pushed and hassled. Massive tractor trailers, upon which sat large concrete dividers, parked and idled all along Columbia Road spewing out diesel fumes that entered nearby apartments harming some elder residents.

Plaza Supporters Defend The Community’s Town Square

Upon prevailing against the unlawful and harmful intrusions on our public easement and plaza, Adams Morgan residents cleaned up the Truist mess, reposted the art, replaced the community hub, and made this corner more beautiful than it has been in some time.

After reclaiming the plaza, Adams Morgan residents made it clear to Truist Bank (Suntrust + BB&T) that their aggression and racist history is not wanted here in Ward One or the city. The bank closed their doors on Saturday before residents could close out their accounts and take their money to more community-minded banks that truly care. #TruistDontCare


Meanwhile, Ward One Councilmember Brianne Nadeau has been carrying the water for Truist Bank, staying clear of the plaza and avoiding any comments about the community’s defense of the Plaza against #TruistRacist bank. Plaza supporters sent CM Nadeau an open public letter accompanied by a petition now with more than 1,000 signatures that Nadeau still has not acknowledged receipt of and is choosing to ignore.

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