“Adams Morgan Plaza” seems so obvious now as the name of the plaza at 18th and Columbia Rd NW. The plaza, a public easement for permanent public use, has served our community since 1977 when it was won by neighbors from Perpetual Federal Bank that refused to allow their new branch without atonement for years of racist banking practices. Adams Morgan Plaza sits squarely in the heart of Adams Morgan and yet until this logo showed up, neighbors used all kinds of names for the plaza, most recently “SunTrust Plaza.” Well what a terrible name for such an important piece of land in our neighborhood.

The anonymous artist that sent us the design left only one condition on our use of it. The Adams Morgan Plaza logo, just like the plaza, had to be for permanent public use. It was declared that the logo and all variants must permanently remain in the public domain for anyone to use however they want. The artist apparently used an anonymous account to send files which the artist declared “open-source” and available for reproduction by anyone for any purpose. These are the files that were distributed:


It has been brought to our attention that someone or group of people have placed prints of some of these graphics on private property and/or without proper authority on public property. We do not condone these activities and anybody associated with Adams Morgan for Reasonable Development must not participate in these activities. Thank you for your cooperation.

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