On Tuesday, January 12, 2021, DC Superior Court Judge, Hiram Puig-Lugo reversed the injunction to stop the demolition of the Adams Morgan Plaza that supporters had won in 2017.

Judge Puig-Lugo first ruled that Plaza defenders did have standing, despite the recent Federal ruling that remanded the case based on lack of prudential standing, but then surprisingly ruled for summary judgement in favor of Suntrust (Truist) bank, concluding that the Plaza easement does not exist and dismissing our case.

We see today as a victory for community groups across the nation, because we won standing in the case.

However the judge went on to ignore the key requirement of a summary ruling — that there is no dispute over the facts. There clearly is.

The defendants Suntrust Bank (Truist) and PN Hoffman have continually abdicated responsibility to the community and been unwilling to come to the table to create something everyone feels has real value at this location.

Our community has made clear it wants a greener, open space public plaza and it wants a library–and the currently proposed building is a non-starter on both fronts.

Vikram Chiruvolu, co-facilitator of Adams Morgan for Reasonable Development

  • The Save Our Plaza campaign is considering our legal options. Will you make a donation? Click here.
  • Have you re-signed our new online petition. Please do here.

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