We wanted to update you about our SaveOurPlaza gathering on Saturday, July 9, 2016.

Our gathering brought out more than 35 people from the community, including:

Vikram Chiruvolu Surya, with Adams Morgan for Reasonable Development, led the discussion on the history of our Adams Morgan plaza at Suntrust Bank. It was a fact-filled and fun exploration about the amazing history of this location, at the gateway of historic Adams Morgan.   This is the same history that DC’s Historic Preservation Office (Anne Brockett) called ‘insignificant.’ https://saveourplaza.wordpress.com/2016/06/18/plaza-history/

There were so many old-school heads at our forum who chimed in with their memories of what happened back in the 1970’s in the fight to first keep BP’s gas station from taking this important corner, to the eventual victory against the racist redlining of Adams Morgan residents and businesses by Perpetual bank who ultimately built the open plaza and bank building we see and use to this day.

Frank Smith, former Ward One Councilmember, and the Adams Morgan Organization (AMO) both were mentioned by many people as reflecting key leadership in the fight to ensure Perpetual Bank gave up concessions in lieu of the opportunist and classist lending practices that hurt Adams Morgan families and small businesses.

We discussed the idea of the community, with the help of the city in purchasing the land and determining the complete future of this site. But bottom-line, we all agreed that the public plaza from the face of the current bank building to the property lines in all directions shall remain under public control, as it has for 40+ years, here on out!

The question is how do we get there?!?

Pointedly, many folks have sent in letters asking our Councilmember, Brianne Nadeau, to host a public forum to discuss our vision and concerns for this critical central corner of our neighborhood.  Have you sent in your letter yet?  http://www.activist.one/saveourplaza

Tania Jackson, Chief of Staff for Brianne said she would bring this request back to the Councilmember.  Call her to ensure that our request for a community wide forum actually happens, 202-724-8181.

In the meantime, we are organizing and continuing to reach out to Adams Morgan residents.



MEET UP TO ORGANIZE— This Saturday, July 16, 2016, NOON (12pm) at our Plaza to be part of the core organizing efforts to win our vision for this special public space.  It’s SAVEOURPLAZE SATURDAY’S!

Petitions — We will also be petitioning all Saturday’s this summer starting at 10am at the Farmers Market.. can you be there?  Let us know. admo4rd@gmail.com || 202-670-2366

Send a note to Councilmember Brianne Nadeau >> http://www.activist.one/saveourplaza

Get updates by liking our Facebook page >> http://www.facebook.com/admo4rd

We live in a neighborhood that developers eye strictly for profit.  It’s a place where speculators seek to shoehorn large dormitory-style condos made of stick and plastic in between our unique historic homes and low-rise commercial buildings because of the massive money they fetch for such development.

Be there Saturdays at Noon to organize!
RSVP: admo4rd@gmail.com, 202-670-2366


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